Peak (pēk) - the highest level or greatest degree.
Peak Models and Talent is known as one of the top agencies in the Los Angeles area, for it’s strong roster of fit models. Peak Models and Talent has placed fitting models with many of the top garment manufacturers and designers.  As time passed, Peak Models and Talent began booking catalogs, print, runway, showroom, advertising campaigns, infomercials, television commercials, along with continuing to keep clients booked with top fitting models.  Under the direction of Natasha Duswalt, former catalog and fitting model, Peak Models and Talent has grown into one of the most reliable and respected modeling and talent agencies in the Los Angeles area. Natasha Duswalt modeled from the age of 18 and made her way around the industry fitting garments for top swim brands such as SPEEDO, Catalina, La Blanca, Hobie, ABS Clothing, Wet Seal, Point Conception, OP, just to name a few. Natasha also appeared on BAYWATCH, along with several commercials, and was lucky enough to travel as a fit model assisting clients with design and fit while traveling around the world. With Peaks roots in the garment and fashion industry, the fitting models have paved the way to strong client relationships, along with steady fit modeling jobs for the majority of the fit models signed with Peak Models & Talent. Our fit department stands as the top fit modeling agency in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Our fit models are experienced professional models that are committed to their fit clients. As Peak Models and Talent grows, the agency has added a commercial and theatrical division along with a children’s division. Clients have come to know that Peak Models & Talent offers professional service, along with reliable models. At Peak Models & Talent, we are in the business of helping others either to book models for catalog, print, fit, or runway, or in the case of the models and talent, to realize a dream. Peak Models & Talent is committed to working with the best models and talent, and by that we mean great attitudes. For reliable models, professional service, and an unwavering commitment to our clients, Peak Models & Talent has been touted as one of LA’s top modeling and talent agencies.

For information on how you can cast or book with Peak Models & Talent please call our office at 818-889-8800 or email us with your request at info@peakmodels.com
We look forward to providing models for all of your marketing and fitting needs.

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